“Politics matters and TalkPolitics is a welcome voice in challenging everyone, but particularly younger voters, to make sure they take an active interest in what politicians are debating and deciding and don’t let others have a say for them.”
— Nicky Morgan MP, former Secretary of State for Education (Conservatives)
“Politics has never been more important and yet despite the mind-blowing volume of mainstream and social media coverage and debate about politics, there is a huge problem of disengagement. Fake news in the so-called post-truth age is merely exacerbating the problem.
Particularly in the aftermath of the Brexit vote, it’s becoming increasingly clear that better political education and awareness is needed. For representative democracy to thrive, we need people to be engaged, vocal, and presented with all sides of the argument. TalkPolitics is a very welcome voice in an important age for politics.”
— Alastair Campbell, former Director of Communications and Strategy for prime minister Tony Blair
“It’s extremely important for the future of our democracy that young people go out and vote, I fully support your campaign to make this happen. By increasing awareness and making our politics more accessible we’ll find that we have a healthier, more responsive political system – keep up the good work!”
— Ben Howlett, former MP (Conservatives)
“We can’t ignore that for many people politics has become a synonym for boring, and although we have many passionate and committed young people changing the face of British politics, many feel that it’s inaccessible and not relevant to their lives. I applaud TalkPolitics’ work in challenging this perception and ensuring people are given the education they deserve to ensure we increase engagement and that young people are represented within our political systems.”
— Amelia Womack, deputy leader Green Party
“Getting involved in politics matters. Politicians make decisions that affect all of us, whether it is going to war, investing in schools or cutting or raising our taxes. Your campaign to tackle voter apathy will help elected representatives have a clearer picture of what matters to people”
— Thomas Brake MP (Liberal Democrats)
“I applaud your venture”
— George Osborne, Evening Standard Editor – former MP & Chancellor (Conservatives)
“I fully support this campaign to mobilise young people politically. British democracy is unhealthily dominated by the old who put their interests and prejudices ahead of the concerns of the young. This must change.”
— Sir Vince Cable, Party Leader for the Liberal Democrats
“I’m absolutely in support of tackling political apathy! Politicians make decisions on behalf of ordinary people every day, and the easiest way to have input is to vote.”
— Kirsty Blackman MP (Scottish National Party)
“Politics is the means by which we solve our problems and create a better world, but in order to do that we all have to play our part. I really welcome the work you are doing to encourage greater involvement in the way in which we take our decisions. Keep it up!”
— Hilary Benn MP, former Shadow Foreign Secretary (Labour)
“I’m proud to support the Talk Politics campaign. Being a young person at the moment can be uncertain and worrying. Democracy can only be strengthened by more participation, as the ideas and policies that come forward from politicians are the results of voters making their voices heard. The more young people take an interest in politics, the more politics will work for them, and the more representative our democracy will be.”
— Louise Haigh MP, Youngest Labour MP
“I fully support this extremely worthwhile campaign. Politics affects virtually every thing, person and place you encounter on a daily basis, and it’s absolutely essential that as many people get engaged in the political process as possible. This especially concerns younger people, and two key things that politicians can do to help is lower the voting age, and make the electoral process fairer and more engaging by introducing a proportional voting system.”
— Tim Farron MP, former Liberal Democrats Leader


The specific views on this site do not necessarily reflect those of the individuals above. These endorsements merely reflect their agreement on the need to tackle voter apathy and a desire for greater political education.