Politico of the Month: Emma Gonzales

By Senior Campaign Agent Luke Walpole

It is often said that people deal with grief in different ways. Yet few of us could pivot from tragedy into activism quite like Emma Gonzales, a survivor from last month’s school shooting in Florida. Ms. Gonzales, who now possesses over 1.16 million followers on Twitter, is an impassioned advocate for stricter Gun Control measures and has been instrumental in organising the ‘March For Our Lives’, due to take place on 24th March. If that’s wasn’t enough, she has also had to deal with vitriol from right-wing pundits who question her politics, her agenda, and, perhaps most appallingly, the veracity of her grief. Despite all of this, Ms. Gonzales and her classmates have made it clear that political engagement doesn’t have to be circumscribed by age, nor does it have to be channelled through a party.

Above all, she has proven once more that change doesn’t just come in the polling booth. 

For these inspirational reasons, Emma Gonzales is our Politico of the Month.

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Image Credit: CNN


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